Hal Kurabayashi

Hal Kurabayashi is a new investigator at Kanto region's narcotic bureau and he works with Kai Eto as partners. Known as the 'brilliant new investigator' to most of the Drug Enforcement Division of the Kantō region. Almost always focused in his work. He also often uses his charm and good looks to his advantage to gather information. Despite being quite stoic and seemingly uncaring, he is very protective of Kai.

Usaki Toudou is a 19 year old member of Tokkei's first brigade. His job is to execute criminals having no mercy for them. He has a twin brother that is in a coma.

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I seriously want to get this blog running again because seriously. I love Hal Kurabayashi. 

I know I said I would get back when the rerun would start and it already did but bad luck for me because they haven’t put up raws up yet or translate it so it might be sometime till that happens but I really really wanna go back into rp with you guys here so I was wondering, who would like to rp with me here? :3 

I’ll probably will make an open rp see who replies fdgfdg ;u; 

"I’ll get more active when the rerun is up…"